Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The news about Coronavirus is everywhere at the moment, and might be overwhelming to some people. So what do you need to know, and how can you tell the real, useful information from the fake?

Picture of paper people inside paper houses, with a virus outside.

First of all, you can take a look at the Healthwatch Trafford Coronavirus pages. There is lots of useful information there as well as links to other useful organisations. You can find it by clicking here!

Childline have a really useful website full of information about coronavirus and tips to help during lockdown, as well as help if you are worried.

Take a look at their stuff here.

BBC Newsround has some really useful information too, especially their useful video that answers a lot of your questions. Also the following sections might be helpful too!

Find the newsround pages here

Find out more about coronavirus on Newsround:

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