About Youthwatch Trafford

Youthwatch Trafford is Healthwatch Trafford’s team of young volunteers (age 14-18). We help Healthwatch Trafford to communicate with other young people in Trafford and to find out about their experiences of health and care. We give our own perspective to help Healthwatch Trafford plan their work and to assess how good local health and care organisations are at providing services to young people in our borough.

During 2021-22, our team is: Amelia, Arjun, Cheryl, Dhriti, Diana, Diya, Evie, Fatimah, Isobel. Madhia, Malaika, Mila and Sohail. We meet monthly to plan our tasks (online at the moment). Check out our News page to see what we’ve been up to – or follow us on social @youthwatchtraff

If you fancy finding out more about joining us and volunteering for Healthwatch Trafford, check out the volunteer pack on our website at www.healthwatchtrafford.co.uk/get-involved/young-people/

Why volunteer for Healthwatch Trafford?

  • Nathan, age 15: “Volunteering for Healthwatch Trafford has enabled me to help people by helping to construct the website and I feel people with problems or just queries will gain a lot from the website.”
  • Alex, age 17: “Volunteering for Healthwatch Trafford has helped me realise how important young people’s health is and that if you ever run into any problems you’re not alone. It’s made me realise how many people there are you can talk to that care and will help you with any problems you have.”
  • Mithylan, age 17: “Volunteering with Healthwatch Trafford has given me a brilliant insight into different ways in which health services can be improved, and has given me a valuable opportunity to help address some of these issues, this website being one example – I’d definitely recommend volunteering with Healthwatch to anyone!”
  • Ahona, age 15: “I love volunteering with Healthwatch Trafford because it makes a real difference”
  • Maha, age 16: “Being part of the Media Squad for Youthwatch Trafford has been an enjoyable experience so far and has allowed me to use my skills and knowledge to help create a website acknowledging important health issues and hopefully, helping young people in Trafford!”


Watch a video by one of our volunteers for Volunteers’ Week 2022 saying thanks for all the hard work!

Read a transcript of the video here.