Health & Care Hub

Welcome to the Health & Care Hub, the heart of Youthwatch Trafford.

This is the home of our information and advice about health and social care for young people.
Our Media Squad have researched the support available to young people in Trafford and have confirmed all these details with the organisations who provide services.
So you know you can trust the information here!
Each section also gives you the chance to tell Healthwatch Trafford about your own experiences.
Remember to visit the ‘Your Questions’ section if you have a question you’d like our media squad to answer.

Emergency First Aid

Mental Health

Sexual Health

Domestic Abuse

Young Carers

Young Parents

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Queer + (LGBTQ+)

Healthy Living: Self-harm, Drugs and Alcohol

Healthy Living: Diet & Fitness

Trafford Service Directory young people section. Click here to visit it.You can also find local services by using the Trafford Directory. It has a section specifically for services for young people. Find this and other information by clicking here.