Kooth mystery shop report out now!

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Earlier this year Trafford Council asked Youthwatch Trafford to take a look at Kooth.com – the council-funded online counselling service for 11-18 year olds. We’d all heard of Kooth before, through our schools and through volunteering with Youthwatch (we signpost to it on our mental health page).

We planned and undertook a mystery shop exercise then presented our findings back to Kooth and Trafford Council in July 2021. Overall we found the site helpful and easy to use!

We made some recommendations for improvement – here’s what Kooth have said in response:

“The Kooth mystery shop was quite a daunting task, however I found it to be very enjoyable and was excited to be contributing to mental health services for young people. When it came to presenting our findings, the Kooth representatives were enthusiastic and engaged. I like that they were open and honest about their service and that they were willing to accept our feedback and valued our findings. Overall the experience was challenging but fun, I feel like I have made a difference to help better youth mental health services.”

– Malaika, age 17, Youthwatch Trafford volunteer

We have now published our findings online, including Kooth’s response to our recommendations – you can find our report on the Healthwatch Trafford website.

We will take another look at Kooth.com in one year and will report to see if anything has changed!