Volunteer’s Week 2022 video transcript

Bolded words have been edited for clarity.

“Hello everyone, this is Arjun from Youthwatch Trafford. I just want to make a little message for Volunteers’ Week and just thank everyone for all the work that they’ve been doing as part of Youthwatch, as part of the country as a whole, particularly since the pandemic. So obviously the pandemic was an extremely tough time and there were a lot of unforeseen circumstances, but the way that people have handled themselves and the dedication they put in – especially from what I can see at Youthwatch Trafford through various articles or informative pieces which can help members of the public just have a greater awareness about the healthcare they can access and what more they can do to really benefit at this tough time, especially with mental health services. I just think it’s incredible what people have done so far, and it’s important that we continue to do this and continue to support each other and help one another. Thank you very much to all the volunteers!”