Launching the Youthwatch website in style!

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Last week on Thursday 15th November, young volunteers from the Youthwatch Trafford Media Squad and Young Champions attended the Trafford ‘Lets talk youth’ conference at the Life Centre in Sale to launch this new Youthwatch Trafford website.

Ahona & Hania presenting to the crowd at the 'Trafford let's talk youth' eventWith more than 90 children and young people from 9 schools across Trafford there, as well as the leader of the council, representatives from organisations such as UA92 university, Youth Mental Health Matters, Gorse Hill Studios and Kooth plus plenty more, it was a perfect place to tell the world about the new site.

Ahona of our media squad, and Hania who is one of our young champions, took to the stage to introduce and explain what it is all about, who it is for and how it can be a fabulous resource to help young people when they need information. After giving their presentation they received a big round of applause, and then continued to help on the Healthwatch Trafford drop-in stand along with Yusuf, another of our young champions, to gather experiences of health and care services and to give more information about Youthwatch Trafford.

Yusuf talking to people at the Healthwatch Trafford standIt was a brilliant event and we had a great time there meeting people and talking about how we can help. Since then we have received loads of brilliant feedback and enquiries about how people can get involved and contribute to making the site bigger and even better!

So a massive WELL DONE and THANK YOU to Ahona, Hania and Yusuf for their amazing work on the day, as well as to all our media squad and everyone else that has helped build the site.