Look after yourself!

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Today marks the start of self-care week 2020 and what better way to look after yourself than to think about your own health and fitness.

Youthwatch Trafford volunteer Madhia has put together our new guide to Healthy Living: Diet and Fitness, with the help of Judith Williams, Trafford Council’s expert on diet and weight management. Madhia says:

I wrote it because health is sometimes neglected and taken for granted by young people, simply because we’re healthy and so we don’t even think about it. Yet this couldn’t be more wrong, no matter what age group you’re in, health is important!

So hopefully the page serves as a reminder for us to manage and stay in good health. And maybe gives the readers some new tips on how to do that.

Take a look at our new guide to healthy living here.

Thanks for reading! From all at Youthwatch Trafford